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Horoad is a new pioneer in worldwide designing and manufacturing of parking meter, its advanced technology nothing less than any other similar products in the world, since we strongly got into market for competing, we have won more and more tenders even facing some famous international brands, now our parking meters are another powerful model of  "Made in China" in the designing and manufacturing range of parking meter. It is going into cities and town of Asia, European, American, Middle East, Africa through our partners, we are sure that it will not let down your attention.

Horoad offer integrated parking solutions and various parking meters which can manage two spaces, four spaces or multiple spaces, they can be operated independently or be formed into a network, providing wide choice of payment methods, such as coin, smart card, credit card, mobile phone, will make parking easier, these parking meters,also can be matched with vehicle detector, widely used in parking of on-street, off-street, parking lot, university and so forth. Modularizing design is easy for upgrade, patented design will protect it from destroying. We customize individual parking solution on your request, our research and development center is honored to be your center too if you'd like.

Products about us
Credit parking meter

* Payment tool is credit meter, adopt parking time pre-buy or twice card-reading payment
* GPRS, CDMA, 802.11 b/g wireless data transmission agreement...
  Pay and display

* Payment tools: coin, smart card, credit card ( compatible of contact card )
* Parameter setup of tariff
* Clock function of parking meter...
  Coin & Printer

* Clock function of parking meter
* Coin payment
* 2L coin box
* Display function
* GPRS wireless transmission
System Solution Case Study
System solution

Management center : equipped with management software, with the functions of charge, query, statistics, data printing, etc.
Parking meter : Several kinds of meter are induction, induction & coin, contact, credit, Pay and display, Coin & Printer.
System solution

When a car drive into a parking space, ultrasonic detector will detect a car available, if car have always been detected in three minutes, parking lock will rise up, after the parking fee is paid, the parking lock will be lowered down, thus, to ensure the parking company collects the parking fee safely.
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