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Induction Meter

Model No. HPI-200

Product Features:

* Convenient and fast induction card reading
* Strict graded authorization system, high compatibility, meeting technical requirements of “universal card”.
* Fashionable streamline design, integrating into urban landscape.
* High strength alloy crust, compact, with high destructive force resistance.
* Adjustable charging period and rate which are managed by a special management card.
* Over 500 parking records storage, handhold infrared communicator downloading, high safety and reliability.
* Low power consumption, high-power storage battery power supply, stable and reliable, and each battery charging can be used for over 6 months.
* Modularized design, standard interfaces reserved, easy upgrading, and applicable for urban ITS system construction.

Model No. HPI-400

One meter for four spaces, other features are the same as HPI-200


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