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Smart parking system

Smart automatic parking management system

Smart automatic parking management system is a smart unattended collect parking fee system for on-street parking. It consist of fore-end parking meter which paid by bank card (magnetic, non-contact card ), loop detector, video surveillance, guidance LED display. The system can send warning message which parking with no pay to enforcement person to deal with, managed by backend online network, statistics, enquiry, monitor all street parking space at real time, finally realize unattended collect fee for on street parking.  

System characteristics:

* Realize automatically control, unattended operation on site, save management cost

* Sensor automatically detect parking state, know parking state well at real time

* 24 hours real time surveillance, assure take the evidence when  parking dispute happen

* Adopt payment by bank card, solve reject payment problem due to  those parker donít have local card since come from outside city

*  Be of parking guidance function, raise city image, promote traffic efficiency

System working flow

*   Normal parking

When driver park, loop sensor will detect there is car parking at parking space, then send parking message to parking meter, within a given period, parker choice parking time, swipe bank card to pay. Parking meter will send parking message to relaying controlling station by ZIGBEE, the station will pass on this message to back office management center by CDMA of Telcom,  back office management center will butt joint with bank, after successfully collect parking fee, a normal transaction record will be created, at the same time, meter LED indicator will turn green. If there is no enough balance in bank card, bank will feedback to back office, back office will send message to parking meter by relaying controlling station, the meter will prompt parker change another bank card to pay, until succeed in payment.  

*     Parking without payment or overtime parking 

Driver park without payment after grace period or overtime parking (exceed parking time or maximal parking time ), meter send illegal parking message to back office by relaying controlling station,back office will sound warning and create warning report, at the same time, inform enforcement person go to site deal with, enforcement person will fine illegal parker and take evidence by take photo as well, LED indicator will turn red. 

*     Inform enforcement person for illegal parking

After back office management center received warning message for illegal parking, will send illegal SMS to enforcement person who equipped with special use PDA or mobile phone number which can received SMS, back office management center will send SMS to those number which preset well at back office.

*     Parking guidance at real time

Back office center will carry on data analysis and processing, empty  space info will be transmitted to road guidance LED at real time, guidance LED will update empty number at real time and realize parking guidance.   

System structure

The system consist of four subsystems, they are parking fee collection system, parking guidance, video surveillance system, back office management software.

Parking fee collection system include parking meter with bank card reader, loop vehicle detector, relaying controlling station, ZIGBEE short distance communication, Telcom CDMA network, back office management platform, PDA (optional )

Video surveillance system include fore-end facilities ( Vidicon, DVR video recorder, Telcom fibre-optical network, back office management software and device

Parking guidance system mainly include road parking guidance LED display ( include controlling system, display system, receiving system, power etc. ), Telcom CDMA network, back office management software platform

Back management center include back office management service software, sever and hardware accessories ( switch, power, display etc. )

System diagram

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