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parking meter (6-8 bays )


1. It is used for on-street parking fee collection, support bank card payment term, no limits for local or nonlocal cars; can communicate with ground magnetic vehicle detector, monitor space status, collect parking space data.

2. Support 3 kinds of bank cards, magnetic stripe, contact and contactless.

3. Charge parking fee by parking times, parking length or progressive rate;

4. Prepay parking fee, self-service, input password and finish payment;

5. Two LED colors to show parking space status, green means paid, red means unpaid;

6. Touch keypad, sensitive, good waterproof ability;

7. Monitor parking space occupation status, send alarm when parking expires;

8. Collect parking space data, send data back to management center;

9. Data can be stored safely for a long time, even if no power supply.

10. Auto diagnosis, alarm function;

11. Periodical time calibration;

12. On site wireless function, can communicate with wireless vehicle detector and data transmitter;

13. Support 3G wireless network communication, send data to management center directly;

14. Support pay by phone function, can inquire records and renew parking by cell phone;

15. Manage parking spaces: 4;

16. Bank card module: Support 3 kinds cards, magnetic stripe, contact and contactless.

17. Parking space indicator: two LED colors, green means paid, red means unpaid;

18. Display: large LCD, resolution 320*128;

19. Payment term: prepay;

20. Power supply: mains power, support solar power supply;

21. Data collection: 3G/4G wireless transmission, on site wireless 2.4G;

22. Memory capacity: 10000 records;

23. Wireless standard: GSM 900/1800 standard, GPRS/CDMA/3G/4G standard;

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