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Matrix product innovation in large-scale video surveillance systems

Author:Sam  From:  Date:12/27/2014

In recent years, with the frequent occurrence of various types of natural disasters, public safety incidents, criminal law and order cases, social order is increasingly complex, establish and improve urban public safety systems have became the inevitable trend of development of social urbanization. Thus, on the one hand, the capacity of a single individual video surveillance system is gradually increased, on the other hand, as represented by the "Green City", Large-scale networked video surveillance systems to integrate the resources of decentralized social video surveillance, to achieve the interconnection, interoperability and mutual control of the system.


At the same time, digital technology has become an inevitable trend of urban development. Digital technology can be applied to everyday urban safety management, emergency rescue operations, etc. This provided favorable conditions for the construction of large-scale video surveillance systems, and provided an opportunity for the development of urban public safety.


System features:


The application object of large-scale video surveillance systems are generally divided into two categories. One class is a relatively concentrated area monitoring such as museums, airports, sports stadiums, intelligent buildings, large industrial and mining enterprises, etc; the other is a large geographical span network monitoring such as "Green City" social order dynamic management, highways, all levels of pretrial detention centers, border crossings, electricity telecommunications room and so on.


These two types of systems have the following characteristics:

1.       Many cameras: monitoring points of a single system reach to one hundred or even hundreds; monitoring points of networked system reach to thousands or even hundreds of thousands.

2.       Any camera integrated to the system can be checked and shared in the distance.

3.       The larger the system, the more the number of sub-control center at all levels, permission needs to video is even more complex.

4.       The preservation of video information required the system to have the distributed back-end storage capacity.


In view of this situation, many equipment manufacturers and system integrators, combined with the actual situation around, and put forward their own system build solutions. Whether the simulated network model, analog and digital combination network model, or all-digital network model, all are in use of network bandwidth advantage. It achieves the best transfer and sharing throughout the system of all video and control signals through video compression and network transmission technology. Thus, all energies are focused on how to solve problems in their respective mode, Such as network congestion, delay of the codec, lower picture quality, format and protocol unified and so on.


Market demand:


However, in the user's point of view, we will find that the requirements of the users to large-scale video surveillance systems, no longer only satisfied with the safety of security personnel and assets. They not only proposed higher standards to the convenience of video viewing (Any time and any place to watch the video), the quality of the video (real-time, high quality) and indicators of the video screen (high frame rate, high resolution), but also required video surveillance systems to have functions such as faster linkage reaction speed, unusual event emergency treatment, behavior analysis and digital video identification.


This requires manufacturers to fully understand the actual needs of customers. At the same time of improving the network platform architecture, fully consider how to adapt to the user's requirements and to solve practical problems in product design details. As an integral part of the core equipment in the large-scale video surveillance systems, what problems have the current market put forward to matrix?


1.       The video capacity of matrix is more.

2.       To achieve remote control of the matrix through the network.

3.       Matrix cascade system taking into account the image in real time HD and interconnection mutual control.

4.       The number of end users.

5.       Text label of image in the multistage video transmission.

6.       The sensitivity and accuracy of fast ball control operation need to improve.

7.       Contingency plans for handling emergency.

8.       Alarm point and the video points to partition management.

9.       Multiple monitors fast simultaneous switching.

10.   Reliable interface protection.



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