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UK Street got to be thin nighttime

In old city zone of London, you may see many dual path street, on both sides of yellow line in the middle of street, draw a parking line which  slant from coming direction, marked a limit of parking time. Usually, this path is ordinary marching road, is not differ from any other road, but in stated time, this parking case are full of varied home car, only leave a path near building for car to pass.

This manner satisfy big nighttime parking demand in city, also solve the problem that we can not build too much parking lot since there are no enough ground. When morning comes, the cars which park in the middle of road will drop away on schedule, there also get back to be fast lane for heavy traffic. When nighttime is coming, road is not so busy, single lane will be enough to meet the traffic need, also full parking will not obstruct personnel evacuation, fire fighting and person rescue in case of emergency, such as fire.

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