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Easy to buy car and difficult to park, also bore Russia common people

In the ordinary resident zone of Russia, in order to “circle” a parking space, resident directly buy a simple aluminium alloy garage without further ado. In old resident zone of Moscow city, Disorder parking house are a special scape. Near those zone, also have private parking lot which they live on. the owners circle the ground with iron fence, spread with cement, then they can collect parking charge from resident. Even if simple and crude open air parking lot, you had to pay parking charge are equal to at average of about USD6.00  

Referring to "Difficult parking", Moscow city increase parking space, levy very heavy fine on disorder parking, also equipped with parking meter.
Except trunk road, at old-timey Russia old type street and zone, parking on kerbside are free. Big mall and shop which set up in Moscow are subjoined with free parking zone, thus, guests will enjoy boon from it. Only some biz building located in golden position will subjoined with charging parking lot, but you will have chance to get 10% resident discount, sometimes this discount will reach 20%. Some Moscow parking lot also have parking discount, you will save 10% to 20% parking cost if you park in a long term basis. 


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