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Layout is excellent, parking space is enough

In thriving central zone of Melbourne city, there is almost no disorder parking on street. There are more than 70000 parking spaces just in Melbourne city, driver is average away from parking lot in anywhere are about 200 meters. 

On the two way motor vehicle marching roadside of Australia, separately have a special lane for parking, width are about 1.5 meter, besides, there will have two special parking lane if there is no tram rail in the middle. From Monday to Friday, 6:30am to 7:30pm are permitted to park.
In some collective places, such as eatery, groggery, parking time will be longer some, generally speaking, one car can not park at same parking space exceed two hours, AUD 2.00 one hour.

Driver will directly use coin reader to pay parking charge and gain ticket, then put it behind the windshield. There are some enforcement managers will check those receipts. If driver have not paid parking charge on consciousness, fine will be AUD 55.00. Usually large multi-storey parking lot has been built at supermarket near biz building, hospital and resident zone, very little charge need to pay for their own staff, other social parker also can park at will, parking charge will depend on their parking time.

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