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In Beijing, P+R parking lots are far from sufficient

Nowadays, Beijing have over 40 P+R parking lots, but it is far from sufficient according to the report of Beijing Youth Newspaper.

For example, the Tian Tongyuan P+R parking lot, has 436 parking spaces, while, there is nearly no space left at 8:00 AM.  "The rush period starts from 6:00 AM and parking lot is full at about 7:30 AM",The attendant says.

There are two local companies provide P+R parking management services, who won the services tender in Dec 2012, they will get subsidy RMB 6.89 from government for each space each day, so that the driver only needs to pay RMB 2 for whole day parking if he takes metro.

Many residents appeal for more parking lots whatever parking tower or underground one, but the problem is the land purpose is not for public construction land, e.g., some are for greenbelt.

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