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Magnetic sensor



Magnetic detector

This detector is one ultra-low power consumption magnetic wireless sensor, it can detect whether parking space be occupied by measure magnetic field variation, then wireless transmit detect results to receiving terminal, thus, realize detect parking space occupied or not at real time    

Product advantage

1.      High detect sensitivity, can realize 2 milligauss differentiating rate, can transmit parking data at real time 

2.        Volume is small, easy to install,  installation is simple, no harmful to ground

3.      Wireless transmission be of high compatible, through high reliable wireless transmission, can transmit maximal 800 meter, with networking function

4.      Ultra-low consumption,  adopt advanced Ultra-low consumption technique, greatly extend use time, normally can use three years above

5.      Complete and professional mating solution, this detector can work with parking meter, PDA, receiving terminal, parking guidance LED together to form new system solution


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