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Loop sensor

Loop Detector


This detector is suitable for detecting the presence of vehicles or other metallic masses.
The system is made up of two parts:
1.        A microcomputor detector contained in a special shockproof & waterproof plastic protective case.
2.        A wire loop ( not supplied by us) connected to the detector for genarating a special external magnetic field to detect metallic masses.
The VD serial detectors are best used in the following fields:
1.        Automatic control & management in pay car parks.
2.        The control of vehicles on pay highway.
3.        Near automatic traffic light installations.
4.        The automatic opening of gates where there is intense traffic for blocks of flats, office buildings & industry etc.
5.        Detection of the presence of metallic masses in general.
*  High accuracy internal voltage regulator
*  Low power consumption full HCOMS technology
*  Specially designed low drift oscillator
*  Complete automatically track the environment
*  Power on & watch dog reset
*  High detection sensitivity & short detection time
*  Release sensitivity automatically boosts after triggered
*  All DIP switch setting can be changed without RESET
*  Small dimension & little weight
*  Can be mounted on PCB directly or with a socket


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