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Case Study
Case Study
Induction parking meter along with parking locks and vehicle detectors
secure in collecting fee and parking

In some countries, traffic police are not involved in parking enforcement or neglect parking enforcement since there is no economic benefit, operating income and profits of some enterprises who invest parking since a large number of unpaid parking happen have been greatly reduced, or even some parking enterprises is unprofitable. To satisfy customer requirements, we developed a sensor parking meter (four spaces); with four parking locks and four vehicle detector, the system has its peculiarities of creativity, to solve the problem in parking enforcement.

When a car drive into a parking space, ultrasonic detector will detect a car available, if car have always been detected in three minutes, parking lock will rise up, after the parking fee is paid, the parking lock will be lowered down, thus, to ensure the parking company collects the parking fee safely. At the same time, it will guarantee the parking security during parking since the parking lock will lower down until the car owner pay the fee by parking card. There is no chance for using parking card which owned by other people to lower the lock down.



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