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POS Function


Payment tool of parking fee: 

Supports payment of contactless cards with a frequency of 13.56MHz and supports ISO14443A/B and ISO15693 standards

Administrator login:

Enter the number and password to log in to the backend system.

On-duty road management:

After logging in, select the designated parking section and then enter the parking management operation.

Photo forensics function:

The handheld terminal must be equipped with a camera. The clarity and scope of the photo must be in compliance with law enforcement requirements.

Record entry and upload function:

support manual entry of illegal vehicle license plate number, illegal location and other information entry, and implement the upload background management center.

Real-time communication function:

Support at least 3G communication mode of WCDMA or EVDO.

Ticket printing:

The ticket is automatically printed after the violation record is verified.

Charge and Print:

The administrator enters the parking time according to the driver's parking expectation, automatically calculates the cost, generates the order; prints the parking ticket after the charge is successful (cash or credit card) (including parking area, parking start date and time, expiration date and time, charge) Amount, etc.)

The parking space occupancy status display:

Shows that the parking space occupancy status information released by the management center can be received in real time.

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